Rise Of The Wool Ball (2017)

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"Rise Of The Wool Ball" is the direct sequel to my previous project "Shadow Of The Wool Ball". Once again, it as retro first person shooter using the Doom engine. However this time, everything is a little more advanced. The player takes the role of hedgehog Rebecca, which was saved in the first game by Scott. And now, the kitties are back with a new, evil plan...

Go on a new killing spree adventure and explore Rebeccas home planet!

New environments, platformer segments and all kinds of other stuff!

Meet new and old enemies!


The creation of Rise Of The Wool Ball was A LOT more focused and efficient compared to its prequel, which was mainly due the fact that I planned out the whole thing from the beginning. Well, at least, for the most part. Quite a few things were added later on, as soon as I saw that the main concept seemed to work well enough for another installment.
With the help of all the awesome people that liked and played the first one, I now knew what parts of the first game were good and could be expanded upon. Also, having SOTWB as the main base helped, too. And sticking to that blocky and restricted 3D technology (though a little advanced this time) made the whole process more feasable.
Graphics were all drawn in MSPaint, once again. Though this time, I had a lot more experience and know-how, and as much as I hate to toot my own horn here, I think it shows for the most part. I found that it is quite fun to work within a restricted color palette and resolution (just like software graphic artists in the 90s, weee), as you can use the limited resources to make things look a lot more focused and eye poppin`. I also learned a bit more about picture composition and how to use graphical cues to lead the player.

This time around, I had few awesome and talented people that helped me out in places.
Especially I want to thank my best buddy McWaxMax, for doing some voice acting and coming up with some really whacky design ideas for a weapon and a boss fight.
Also, Almonds (from the Zdoom Forums) for being such an awesome and helpful person to talk with during the creation process. She also made three awesome looking decorative textures (paintings in this case!)
And of course SanyaWaffles (once again from the Zdoom Forums). She was always around while I created the game, motivated me all the time and helped me out everytime I got stuck while scripting something. Without her, this whole game might have taken 10 years or more.
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