About me

So hey, I am from germany and I make stuff.
I love to draw, write, make movies, design videogames, play guitar and come up with songs, read awesome books and skateboarding.

Drawing was pretty much the first thing I ever did
. When I was little, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of my pieces of paper. I drew comics and stories about everything that I thought was cool back then... action and adventure movies, Pokemon and Zelda, creepy stuff with evil skeletons. Everything else I do has pretty much evolved from there.

At some point during my early childhood, I started using my fathers camera to film movies starring my friends and me. They were mostly about bizarre stories like haunted shoes stalking the main character. Good thing there was no Youtube back then, sheesh.

During my early teen years, I came into contact with the internet more and more, where I finally found a lot of cool people that shared the same passions as me. I had more motivation than ever to plunge into new projects in new mediums - videogames for example. With the little english I knew, I made myself familiar with the needed tools for scripting to let my ideas come alive. Only a few of them ever got finished, but they helped me to gain sooo much experience.

I dislike too much attention and liked the keep all the things I did only viewable to a relatively small audience. However, not too long ago I realized that making one`s work more acessible may be not such a bad idea after all - life is too short to be overly worried and critical about everything you do.

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